Annual General Meeting


Chris Pearson welcomed everyone to the first Annual General Meeting.

All positions were declared vacant and as per the constitution and the following positions were filled for the coming term.

Office Bearers:

President: Chris Pearson,

Vice President: Maurice Gaudry,

Secretary: David Warner

Treasurer: W Larner,

Board members: Maureen Hall and Bruce McGregor

President’s Report:

It is with great pleasure I submit my first annual chairman’s report for The Gulgong Holtermann Museum Inc.

Since our incorporation in August 2014 and taking possession of the Museum buildings in December that year, a lot of progress has been made towards the purchasing, promotion, preservation, insuring and utilisation of what are arguably the two most important original gold rush buildings in Australia- buildings which will go on to be a first rate 21st century educational and tourism facility.

This progress would not have been possible without the limitless enthusiasm and vision of my fellow committee members- David Warner, Maurice Gaudry, Bruce McGregor, Maureen Hall and Bill Larner.

I am most grateful to each of them.

Each of these members has unique talents which when combined, always results in a cohesive approach to the many issues at hand.

In 12 short months we have had a public launch and information night, raised funds, lobbied politicians, corporations and individuals, sought government funding, removed secondary dangerous structures, had building design work done, seen the buildings utilised as is, and generally promoted our vision to widespread acclaim.

The public support for our community project has been nothing less than phenomenal.

To date we have raised over $50,000.00 and enjoyed a similar value of work in kind from professionals, tradespeople and volunteers from across our entire region and further afield.

This has allowed us to just this week commence the restoration of the Greatest Wonder’s facade which we know will create further interest and support as the public sees the buildings transformed after decades of neglect.

As we move into our 2nd year’s activities, I am confident that with our vision and timetable firmly fixed, we will achieve our goals, enhance the historic streetscape of Gulgong, and create a world class asset with national and international appeal.

I look forward to the next 12 months.

Chris Pearson