Interactive Street Trail

A first for our region!

Visitors can now take our photographic history onto the streets of Gulgong. Our unique Interactive Street Trail includes a selection of Gulgong Holtermann Collection photographs with audio content relating to each photograph which has been taken from various 1871/82 local and Sydney based newspapers. The Trail leads visitors to Henry Beaufoy Merlin’s exact photographic locations. This is also an excellent outdoor COVID safe activity. Visitors who are able to scan our QR Code onto their personal smartphones will require their devices to be fully charged and have sufficient personal data to take advantage of this Trail.

The Trail is a free activity offered to paying and non paying visitors and is valid for the day. Those wishing to partake in this activity are encourage to read the tutorials provided on their screens prior to embarking on the Trail and must be capable of setting up their own smart devices to avoid disappointment. Please take into consideration visitors using VODAFONE will have limited connectivity in Gulgong and surrounding areas.