Museum Activities

The Gulgong Holtermann Museum offers a variety of activities for all visitors. Activities can be altered to suit visitors interests if planned in advance.

Daily activities available include:

  • Enjoy the Holtermann Collection – with over 3500 photographs, the unique exhibition of the UNESCO listed Holtermann Collection, is sure to enthral and provide lasting memories as you wander through the galleries.
  • Touchscreen activities – these fun activities are suitable for all ages to encourage adults and children to interact with the photographs and displays and learn about life on the goldfields. Children who complete four activities receive a Holtermann Hero badge.
  • Interactive Photographic Street Trail – walk the quaint streets of Gulgong and use the free narrated Street Trail to find the original locations of a selection of Holtermann Collection photographs. Listen to the commentary and learn about the original buildings.
  • Theatrette Exhibitions – these exhibitions change every few months. They are focused upon the Holtermann Photos, photography, and artist interpretation of the photographs.
  • Photograph yourself in the Gulgong Gold Rush streets – whether in front of the Museum, or in the Museum Courtyard, take a photo of yourself, produce it in black and white, and there you are – in Gulgong In 1872. School groups often enjoy dressing up appropriately for this activity.
  • Relax with a video – watch one of the wide variety of videos related to the photographs and gold rush; learn about the colloidal process or the reconstruction of the Giant Glass plates, learn about the Museum construction or delve into the work of the State Library of NSW.
  • Experience the Gulgong Gold Rush – explore the Museum’s beautifully restored State Heritage Listed Buildings and step back in time as you enter The American Tobacco Warehouse and Fancy Goods Emporium.
  • Welcome to the Gulgong Holtermann Museum – interact with the volunteers who provide an introduction to the Museum and the photographs, and share their extensive knowledge through stories, information, and as required assistance.

Touchscreen fun