MUSEUM CONNECTIONS – About Mary McKillop’s Cottage

Trevor Williams wrote the following to the GHM:
To the Wonderful Staff,
I found the Holtermann photo of Mary Mackillop’s Cottage on the State Library web site. Photo and catalogue information attached below. The photo doesn’t appear to join the better-known panorama photos so may join another photo on the extreme left of the panorama.
I’ve located the heritage reports Christo Aitken of our office produced if interested.
The research using the Holtermann photo allowed the Sisters of St Joseph, after rereading Mary Mackillop’s letters, to confirm this was the cottage shape – one not with three verandas but three views of the harbour from verandah and windows. This research provided the architects with evidence to remove the multitude of additions to return the cottage to the form of Mary Mackillop’s time in North Sydney. Visitors to Mary Mackillop Place are now able to better appreciate aspects of her life at that time.
I hope this is of use and will add to the rich story your museum conveys.
Loved the Museum and seeing my IPhone 4s in with the historic cameras.

Trevor Williams

Photo: Holtermann Collection View from “The Towers” at Sydney Grammar School, looking across to Alma Cottage fronting Alma Lane. Mitchell Library, SLNSW.